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Blog The unkown beauty of 3D visualization
The beauty of 3D visualization lies in the possibility to work off the grid

Being a 3D artist is not only beneficial, because one can envision how a future project will look like before the first bricks are laid, but it may be the only sector in the building industry where the work can be delivered regardless of the location.

With powerful tools and proper internet connection, a 3D artist can produce high quality visuals from literally all over the world. This was how I ended up in a home-made camper van with my wife, travelling across Europe for more than 8 months. We had two solar panels on the top of the van, two extra batteries, a power inverter, a laptop and a mobile with internet connection, and this was all that was needed to continously run my services, while being on the road day by day.

Being in the nature, changing daily our environment led to great development in my vision and attitude as an architect and 3D artist. I got the chance to observe my surrounding in different moods and light conditions that strenghtened my skills to create more realistic 3D visualizations.


The experience was indescribable, and I would like to encourage all – who can do their job “off-grid”- to try to explore our beautiful planet as a lifestyle.

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