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Housing development in Øygarden

3D visualization for real estate is a key element for successful sales, even from the early stage. This project in Norway gives an idea about how the real estate market can benefit from 3D visualization services. The renderings brought the project to life right after the municipality gave permission to continue the planning of the construction. Even before the phase of the excavation works, the client already had a set of visualizations to start the sales process.

The visuals represent only a small portion of the client’s housing development. There are nearby properties where I got to visualize a set of row houses and a semi-detached house overlooking a lake. And there are even more properties to be built on! Hopefully some of them can be presented already this year.

As said, the 3D visualization for real estate marketing can be a useful tool in any design phases. Firstly, visualizing the concept helps to push through ideas to be realized. Secondly, a set of sales perspectives can arouse interest on the market. Last, but not least, renderings of well-designed details can help even for construction workers. Not to mention, that the potential buyers could fall in love in those realistically visualized details!




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