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Apartments in Harstad

The most common use of 3D visualization services is to sell housing estate before the construction has even began. With 2D drawings from the building and some visual information from the site, the whole project can be realized in 3D.

The site works have hardly began, but the apartments in this new building in Harstad are already on sale online thanks to the 3D visualization services.

The building consists of 24 apartments of various sizes, from 2 to 4 rooms per apartment. Each of them are designed to be accessible for all. Every apartment has a private exterior space. The ones facing the road have terraces, while some apartments towards the back yard have a spacious roof terrace.

The renderings showcase the complete project inside and out. Each apartment type is presented with a 3D floor plan and an interior visualization. Both reveal the spatial connections in the different plan layouts. Moreover, the interior illustrations show the real panorama with the use of drone photos from the client.
The exterior visuals represent the building in close and remote context as well. This helps to imagine how the site will look when the construction is finished.

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Seljestad Utvikling AS


Harstad, Norway